Introducing Chatness

The full featured chat app template that you won't hate

Built with speed in mind it has never been easier to bootstrap first class chat apps using Firebase.

Chatness is fully customizable providing the best experience from zero to deploy.

chat groups contacts conversation dark themechat groups contacts conversation light theme

Stop wasting your time building chat features for clients

Chatness is robust enough and written on top of Ionic/Angular. You get battle-tested features out-of-the-box.

Not an Angular developer? We've got you covered. Chatness also exports web components meaning it's allowed to use everywhere with any javascript framework like React, Vue or even Vanilla.

Opinionated and designed for daily usage

The best experience you’d expect from a chat app

Built for speed

Synchronized in real-time across all users. No spinners or waiting.

Works offline

Access and make changes with or without internet access.

Light and dark UI

Enabled to have multiple themes. Use light or dark, it’s your choice.

Built for any database

If you don't want to work with Firebase, change a couple of methods and you're all set.

Account creation

Email auth

Password recovery

User settings

Chat in groups

Chat in private

Chat pagination

Groups search

Contacts list

Messages Deletion

Take photos

Record videos

Play with demo

Features you'll fall in love

Offline support